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Corner Bistro Classic Burger NYC 365 Guide New York CityA thick juicy burger always hits the spot. Pair it with a glass of red wine and wait for you taste buds to explode. If you’re craving a red meat fix this weekend, order a burger for total satisfaction.

Corner Bistro (331 West 4th Street) For more than five decades, people have flockedCorner Bistro Classic Burger NYC 365 Guide New York City to this old school tavern for cold beer and simple hamburgers. These picturesque burgers are grilled to you’re preference every time. No matter how you like your meat, you are guaranteed a succulent flavorful sandwich. The potato bun is also grilled and served with white onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles. For $9.75 your burger hankering will be happily satisfied. The menu is very basic with burgers, grilled cheese, fried chicken, fries and chili. That’s it. Beers start at $5 and include McSorley’s light and dark ales. There is always a line for a table so consider grabbing a seat at the bar for faster service.

JG Melon Classic Burger 365 Guide New York CityJG Melon (1291 3rd Avenue) All my hamburger picks share a common thread, the soft potato bun. JG Melon grills it and serves the sandwich with sliced red onions and pickles. The red onion adds a spicy dimension that truly compliments your meal. While JG offers other sandwiches and entrees like Pan Roasted Salmon ($22.95), I always order a burger ($11.75). The chili ($11) is chunky and thick with medium spice and mixable toppings. Again, they manage to cook the ground sirloin to the perfect temperature every single time. Instead of traditional fries they serve Cottage Fries ($6.25) that look like a potato chip but taste like a French Fry. If you have room, they offer Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery ($8.95) for dessert.

P.J. Clarke's Classic Burger 365 Guide New York CityP.J. Clarke’s (2 locations) What started as a saloon in the 1800’s, has become a high-end full service restaurant know for their raw bar and steaks. It makes it even more interesting to me that they’ve also mastered the cooking of a burger. I may order a few oysters, but other than that, I dine here for the hamburgers. The potato bun is supremely soft and served with tomato, lettuce, pickles and a white onion slice underneath the bun. The chili is savory and full of short-rib brisket that packs a punch ($12). The price tag is higher, but all burgers include fries or sweet potato fries for $17.95. Yes, you can get a cheaper burger, but this one ranks in terms of flavor and quality of the meat.

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