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Monica DiNatale Interviews & Videos

Do you know there are 365 Restaurant Deals & Bar Specials in New York City?

365 Guide New York City by Monica DiNatale is full of enough deals in Manhattan to keep you busy for a year!

“Monica is such a pleasure to work with. Her interviews were excellent and the videos did a wonderful job highlighting our favorite food – USA grown peanuts.”
– Marie Fenn, President of The National Peanut Board

Monica DiNatale on Good Day New York

Monica DiNatale on New York PIX 11

Monica DiNatale interviews Jacques Torres, the “Godfather” of chocolate, at The New York Chocolate Show.

The Treats Truck is a mobile bakery selling cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other sweet treats and specials to it’s adoring fans.

Monica DiNatale met with Kim Ima and the truck named “Sugar” to see for herself what all the hype is about.

Mel’s Burger Bar is no ordinary burger joint! Monica DiNatale got to sample the food and make a famous “spiked” milkshake.

Monica DiNatale learns a little bit more about one of her favorite foods…Peanuts. She hosted an event for The National Peanut Board honoring all things peanutty.

Monica DiNatale (365 guide New York City) was invited to the exclusive Press Event for the 2010 NYC Craft Beer Week Festival. She met with many different breweries and found out that beer is the new wine.

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Monica DiNatale Interviews