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Monica’s NYC Dining Tips

NYC Dining TipsI’ve always been one of those people that everyone asks for restaurant advice. I eat out eight days a week and knew there were affordable options in New York City. I wrote 365 Guide New York City so anyone can enjoy the city that I love at a fraction of the cost. 

365 Guide includes restaurant deals and bar specials in Manhattan plus seasonal favorites, the best pizza, awesome desserts and more. I hope you enjoy my advice on this blog and all the deals included in 365 Guide.

Please let me know if you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy the restaurant and bar scene in New York City. I’m happy to help.

1904, 2018

New Spring Restaurants Have Sprung

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Woodstock Bar NYC 365 Guide New York CityEven though the weather is lagging behind, spring has sprung and a new crop of restaurants has arisen. It’s always fun to venture out and see what new places have popped up since our hibernation over winter. If you get out this weekend, try one of these new places.

The Woodstock (446 West 14th Street) The Woodstock attempts to transport you to the original music festival in 1969 with a colorful space and bohemian design. It is close to the Highline and offers a welcoming,Woodstock Bar Pizza NYC 365 Guide New York City Spring yet affordable option, in an area full of high end bars and restaurants. You can secure a seat at the long communal tables, plop down on […]

1204, 2018

Food Hall Bliss

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Urbanspace Food Hall NYC 365 Guide New York CityThe Food Hall concept reminds me of childhood trips to the mall where we’d have endless dining options under one roof. New York City’s Food Halls take it up many notches with high end cuisine, ethnic choices and affordable prices in one spot. They are the perfect place to stop for lunch with anyone you know. Personally, I like ordering from a few places and letting the flavors meld together.Urban Space Food Hall NYC 365 Guide New York City

Urbanspace (570 Lexington) Urbanspace strives to foster communities by transforming city spaces into markets where local merchants can shine and showcase their culinary talents. They have packed sixteen delightful eateries into their bright and airy new space. The upper level gives diners […]

504, 2018

Burgers With Flair

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Island Burger NYC 365 Guide New York CityAfter last week’s burger fest, I still have burgers on the brain. This week’s journey was for burgers with flair. Multiple toppings, fanciful names and interesting sauces propel these hamburgers to another level.

Island Burger (2 locations) I dream about the Mona Lisa sandwich from Island Burger. The burger is topped with mozzarella, pesto, sautéed onions, mushrooms and roasted peppers served on ciabatta bread. Prepare to be thoroughly confused with 20+ delectable burger choices broken into categories like “decadent” and “hot” ($17.95 with fries). To make it more confusing, all of these combos can be ordered with grilled chicken as well as turkey and portobello burgers. Cheese combos, veggies, bacon, spreads and chili choices will leave your head spinning. All of their creations are juicy and masterfully […]

2903, 2018

Classic New York Burgers

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Corner Bistro Classic Burger NYC 365 Guide New York City

As the weather slowly gets warmer, I get hungry for a juicy grilled burger. Just because you don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean you can’t get a pitch perfect burger in New York City. In the end I love all the classic burger joints, but these are my top three.

Corner Bistro (331 West 4th Street) For more than five decades people flockCorner Bistro Classic Burger NYC 365 Guide New York City to this old school tavern for cold beer and simple hamburgers. These picturesque burgers are grilled to perfection every time. They are thick and juicy no matter how you like your meat. The potato bun is grilled and served with white onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles. For $9.75 your burger […]

2203, 2018

March Madness Mayhem

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Village Pourhouse March Madness NYC New York CityEven if you don’t follow basketball, it’s hard not to get caught up in the frenzy of March Madness. Sports bars are crowded, fans are passionate and deals are everywhere just waiting to be taken. You may as well take advantage of food and drink specials, even if you’re not watching the games.

Village Pourhouse (64 Third Avenue) Fans of exotic beers and sports can sip global finds while watching one of the twenty high definition televisions at this East Village tavern. A hearty pub menu, with burgers and nachos, help soak up the suds. During March Madness games, they’re serving up a cooler special with twenty four cans of beer ($120) and a bottle of Fireball for another hundred. You can also order Shotgun Buckets (five beers and 5 […]

803, 2018

Beautiful Beer Halls

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Clinton Hall Beer Hall 365 Guide New York City NYCBeer Halls are the perfect location for group get-togethers and a raucous good time. Today’s beer gardens have upped their game with the quality of food and the meticulous attention paid to craft beers. It never ceases to amaze me that enormous beer gardens actually exist in New York City.

Clinton Hall (230 East 51st Street) One of the newest additions to the Beer Hall landscape is opening on March 16th. Tucked inside The Pod Hotel, Clinton Hall is a 3,000 square foot restaurant with an industrial layout and an outdoor garden. They are striving to make if feel like an adult playground with oversized Jenga games, Connect 4 and TV’s in […]