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Monica’s NYC Dining Tips

NYC Dining TipsI’ve always been one of those people that everyone asks for restaurant advice. I eat out eight days a week and knew there were affordable options in New York City. I wrote 365 Guide New York City so anyone can enjoy the city that I love at a fraction of the cost. 

365 Guide includes restaurant deals and bar specials in Manhattan plus seasonal favorites, the best pizza, awesome desserts and more. I hope you enjoy my advice on this blog and all the deals included in 365 Guide.

Please let me know if you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy the restaurant and bar scene in New York City. I’m happy to help.

2411, 2017

Valuable Vegetable Eateries

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Beyond Sushi Vegetarian Restaurant 365 Guide New York City NYCIf you’ve had way too much turkey, keep reading. I love all types of food but sometimes forget about those vegetable centric restaurants offering unique menu items without meat, fish and dairy. If you’re looking to branch out or just need a break from being a carnivore, try eating like a vegan this weekend.
Beyond Sushi (134 West 37th Street) Although there are three other locations of this 100% plant based sushi gem, their new location includes sit down service as well as a beer, wine and sake menu. I must admit, I was skeptical about sushi rolls less the Beyond Sushi Vegetarian Restaurant 365 Guide New York City NYCfish but was quickly won over by explosive seasoning and reasonable […]

2311, 2017

BYOB Restaurants in NYC

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Brasserie 8 1/2 Lobster BYOB Restaurant New York City NYC Brasserie 8 1/2 Lobster Salad

Yes, New York City is expensive but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. While BYOB’s are common in New Jersey, BYOB opportunities do exist in Manhattan. Start planning a money saving evening with your favorite bottle and impeccable food. Not having a bar bill is a real treat. All of my selections are upscale elegant restaurants perfect for any special occasion. Lobster BYOB Brasserie 8 1/2 365 Guide New York City NYC Lobster Tagine

Brasserie 8 1/2 (9 West 57th Street) You can’t miss the large red number 9 on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to Brasserie. Down the opulent staircase you’ll find one of the finest French restaurants in the city. Stop […]

2211, 2017

Food is Fun

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Mom wasn’t right – you can play with your food! I’d love to have Mario Batali prepare fresh pasta for me daily, but in the meantime, I’ll learn to make it myself. Taking a cooking class by a pro in New York City is a real treat. If you want a fun filled foodie activity, engage all your senses and prepare your own meal.

Aunt Jake’s (151 Mulberry Street) This contemporary addition to MulbeAunt Jakes Italian 365 Guide New York City NYC restaurantsrry Street is a homemade pasta lover’s paradise. With ten different pasta shapes and ten unique sauces to choose from, Aunt Jake’s lets you create your perfect pasta masterpiece. Clear your schedule so you can try them all! Making things even sweeter are the pasta courses taking place on the second floor starting April 17th. Prepare to get […]

2211, 2017

Winning Wine Bars

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Guyers Upper West Side Wine Bar NYC New York CityVisiting a cozy wine bar during crisp weather is like a warm blanket. My perfect ending to a long day is often times a goblet of red and an amazing nibble. In order to set up a superb evening, great food must accompany each glass. My picks this week combine delightful wines and food to match.

Guyers Wine Bar Upper West Side NYC New York CityGuyer’s (286 Columbus Avenue) The candlelit brick lined bar at Guyer’s is both relaxing and sexy. Couples and small groups will enjoy the chill vibe and tasty snacks. The small wine list starts at $12 and includes a finely curated list of both old world and new world wines. Enjoy half off select wine daily from 4-7 […]

2111, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

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Il Gattopardo Leopard des Artistes Thanksgiving New York City NYCThere are countless “special occasion” restaurants in New York City. The upscale price tag is worth the splurge to appreciate fine dining at it’s best. Thanksgiving offers a rare opportunity to savor master chefs preparing your feast with all the elegance and none of the hassle. Lavish yourself in luxury and leave the cooking to the pros.

Il Gattopardo (13-15 West 54th Street)and The Leopard at des Artistes (1 West 67th Street) In the spirit of being thankful, Chef Vito will serve his Thanksgiving feasts at both fine dining restaurants from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. The holiday menus for Il Gattopardo and The Leopard are delightfully […]

1611, 2017

Down Home Thanksgiving

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If roasting a turkey this year is less than desirable, make a reservation at these home-style restaurants that offer reasonable prices and a warm vibe. It may not be your own living room, but these eateries are the perfect substitute.

Rosemarys Thanksgiving Menu 365 Guide NYC New York CityRosemary’s (18 Greenwich Avenue) Rosemary’s is a Tuscan Italian restaurant with a rooftop farm situated in the heart of Greenwich Village. They serve seasonal Italian dishes that highlight the herbs and produce from the rooftop, as well as house-made pastas. The Rosemary’s menu is served family style, $70 for adults and $25 for children. Add wine pairings with each course for $45. The warm brick rustic atmosphere will have you wanting your fuzzy slippers. Drinks are discounted at the bar from 3-6 p.m. […]