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Soupman Soup NYC 365 Guide New York City Monica DiNataleSoup weather is upon us! On a chilly day, a piping hot bowl of rich broth really hits the spot. Sure, you can find soup at almost every deli, but not all bowls are alike.

The Original Soupman (259 West 55th Street) You’ve probably seen the Seinfeld episode about the soup guy that tells George, “No soup for you!” The Original Soupman’s tradition of excellence began in New York City in the 1980s. New Yorkers were lining up in droves for his famous artisanal soups. Now the infamous bowls are available both in the city and online for shipping. I must admit, I get a little nervous when I visit the shop. Order from the right line, then step left and wait. What strikes me the most is the chunkiness of each variety. They are bursting with ingredients and served with bread, a piece of fruit and a tiny sweet chocolate. Depending on the days selections, a small starts at $5 and a large container is as much as $26 (Lobster Bisque).

Soup Kiosk NYC 365 Guide New York City Monica DiNataleSoup Kiosk (94 Prince Street) This cash only spot is a must visit for all chili lovers. The beef and vegetarian chili’s are well seasoned and super savory. If you like spice, they have tabasco available to adjust the heat. For $7-$10 you’ll get a satisfying cup served with bread. The tiny kiosk sells fresh squeezed juices and a few sandwiches ($6) as well. The staff is friendly, patient and willing to give you samples of the different options. The line runs long during cold and rainy days but it moves fast. They usually have six different flavors daily. In case you walk right by, it’s a small stand attached to the outside of Fanelli’s.

Good Stock Soup NYC 365 Guide New York City Monica DiNataleGood Stock (2 locations) Soup is the original comfort food meant to be enjoyed slowly. Good Stocks goal is to produce soup that lives up to your expectations. Through the use of high quality ingredients, a maniacal attention to detail and creative combinations, they produce homemade bowls worth relishing. You can ship soup home to friends with a minimum order of six ( $9 each). They serve Bone Broth options and original creations like Clean Green Machine with broccoli, spinach, kale and coconut milk. Try the lunch special with an eight ounce soup, half a sandwich, a side salad and a brownie bite for $14.

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