Slim Down with Sushi

OK, folks, it’s time to stop eating with reckless abandon and widdle down that waistline once again. Why can’t the Holiday parties come without consequence?? Fear not, you can still go out and enjoy fresh seafood and sushi to keep the pounds from piling on. In this New Year, follow the sushi train to a healthier weight.

asuka sushi 365 Guide NYC New York CityAsuka Sushi (300 West 23rd Street) Sushi can not only be affordable but the savings increase during lunch time. From 11 a.m.-4 p.m., I recommend the Maki Lunch Special. Any two rolls are $9 and any three rolls, $12. Both come with either miso soup or a salad. The bento box for $9.50 comes with miso soup, salad, rice, California Roll and shrimp shumai. You’ll still make out if you order from the menu with rolls starting at just $4.50. Your stomach and your wallet will feel very full. The decor is young and hip and the prices retro.

Zest sushi 365 Guide NYC New York CityZest (249 Broome Street) This tiny gem attracts a crowd so get there early to secure your spot. They will text you when your table is ready and it is worth the wait. The fresh seafood tastes upscale but comes with a downtown price. Every day from 4-7 p.m. save with discounted pricing on rolls and appetizers starting at $3.50. Pitchers of Sapporo are only $10. Lunch is also a home run with two roll specials $8 and three rolls $11. These combos come with soup and salad. Basic rolls start at just $3 and specialty rolls $10. The menu is huge and includes hot dishes like pineapple fried rice, basil beef and curry chicken. You need more than one visit for sure.

Nomando sushi 365 Guide NYC New York CityNomado 33 (165 East 33rd Street) Two roll lunches are $9.75 and three roll deals are $12.75 and come with with soup and salad. A sashimi lunch with nine pieces of fish and soup and salad is $11.75. Bento boxes are $9.50 and the sushi and sashimi combo lunch is $12.75. Any way you slice it, it’s a good deal with plenty of food. The cool modern vibe make this spot a good date night choice. You can order tons of rolls and look like a big spender. From 4-8 p.m. you can order any two rolls for $22. Specialty rolls start at $11.75.

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